Entertainment Media Solution

We offer you Video on Demand (CCTV).
VOD is a programming system which allows users to select and watch/listen to video or audio content such as movies and TV shows whenever they choose, rather than at a scheduled broadcast time.


VOD lets you choose hundreds of different types of movies and shows (news, sports, TV series). You can watch them whenever, wherever and as often as you want.


It only requires a high-speed broadband internet connection and a PC or mobile device.

Video On Demand


VOD also offers the convenience of being able to stream on a wide assortment of devices right from your HDTV or PC to mobile devices.


Cable TV lets you watch all the content you need if you choose a premium package however same media content can be watched at a much lower price via VOD.

Video On Demand

AP-VD1000 Enterprise VoD Server is a digital VoD streaming device based on a high quality next-generation network

MultiStreamer BD HD-SDI/IP is a bidirectional, real-time SD/HD encoder/decoder/streamer

Video On Demand
Video On Demand

The multi-tasking MPEG Gearbox™ MF is an MPEG-2 to H.264, or H.264 to MPEG-2, transcoder or transcaler

TBS2600 HD-SDI Video Encoder - Professional HD-SDI video coding box for IPTV Live Stream Broadcast

Video On Demand
Video On Demand

TBS2325 3G/4G HD Encoder (Live broadcast Box) support WiFi/4G streaming, broadcasting grade HDMI HD port, could connect with professional camera

Nordic IPTV+STB250+WiFi Linux OS STi7105 STB 250 Set Top Box

Video On Demand
Video On Demand

Live TV VOD OTT/IPTV Solution Live Streaming Encoder h.264 MultiCast/Unicast video ip encoder hardware


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